Facial Recognition Goes Mainstream: Marketing Implications Yet to Come

29 May

First there was Minority Report and a future where digital billboards would recognize people and present overly personal advertising. Then the technology became real as smart digital signage learned to recognize gender and facial expressions of passers-by.

Now, face.com is making a mainstream business out of facial recognition of uploaded photography and TechCrunch reports that “Face.com’s CEO has shrugged off rumors that it is being acquired by Facebook for up to $100 million when we asked. But the addition of its facial recognition tech to Facebook’s mobile apps could make sure friend tagging continues as the social network’s user base shifts away from desktops.”

While it’s hard to know what will happen with the current generation of facial recognition technology, a future of facial recognition may not be that far off. Whether used for recognizing repeat customers in a retail store or identifying marketable characteristics in an out of home advertising environment or online, the face may be the next frontier of marketing.


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